Panadero Bakeshop visits RTC-KorPhil for Partnership Talks

Panadero Bakeshop, one of the most successful bakeshop chains in the country, visited RTC-KorPhil Davao on February 7, 2023, for partnership talks regarding training, internship, and employment of TESDA graduates. The company’s General Manager, Mr. Lucky Javellana, and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Jett Lu, personally went to offer their interest in establishing linkages with the Center especially on their intention to donate industrial equipment like spiral oven and dough roller machine to ensure that when they are going to hire graduates from the Center, they will not retrain them on how to operate such industrial based equipment or machine. Engr. Constantino Panes Jr., the institution’s Center Administrator, accommodated the visitors, along with the Training Department Head, Mr. Mario Dela Cerna, Hotel and Restaurant Technology Head, Ms. Marilou Coloma, the previous and new Industry Coordinators, Mr. Nelson Embat and Mr. Joie Vincent Dagohoy.

During the visit, the visitors inspected the Incubation Center and Bread and Pastry Production (BPP) NC II training area of RTC-KorPhil to where their proposed donation machines be set-up appropriately. This industrial cooperation and upgrading plan will surely benefit future BPP NC II trainees who will learn basic skills in producing breads, cakes, and pastries on a small scale.

In return, the institution agreed to offer training on Trainer’s Methodology to qualified Panadero employees, which will support on their plans of establishing their own training and Assessment Center. Additionally, Panadero as a new industry partner of DHRT, will accommodate Supervised Industry Learning (SIL) to RTC-KorPhil trainees / students as stipulated in their signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Further, they are asking if there is a possibility that mechanical and electronic students can also be recruited as technicians for their industrial machines.

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