TESDA XI-RTC KorPhil Wins the Mechatronics Gold Medal at the 2023 Philippine National Skills Competition

The recent Philippine National Skills Competition (PNSC) aimed to promote skills development, excellence, healthy competition, and awareness of vocational skills among the Filipino workforce. It provided a national platform for participants to showcase their talents and skills in various industries, from culinary arts to automotive technology. The PNSC aimed to raise the bar of excellence, encourage innovation, and recognize the contributions of skilled workers to the country’s workforce. It also aimed to foster healthy competition, inspire participants to continuously hone their skills, and motivate the younger generation to consider vocational skills as a viable career path.

In addition, the PNSC aimed to create awareness and interest in vocational skills and technical education among the younger generation. By showcasing the opportunities and rewards of pursuing vocational skills, the competition aimed to change the perception of vocational skills as inferior to academic education and promote them as a respected and valuable profession. The PNSC aimed to inspire and motivate young Filipinos to consider technical education and vocational training, and to showcase the diverse talents and capabilities of Filipino individuals.

From March 26 to March 31, 2023, TESDA Region IV and NCR sponsored the Philippine National Skills Competition, with participants from all over the country showcasing their skills in various vocational sectors. Among the outstanding performances, TESDA XI clinched the gold medal in mechatronics, thanks to the exceptional abilities and dedication of trainees Mr. Victor C. Madezo Jr. and Gerald D. Tagalog, under the expert guidance of Mr. Rhian Dhae B. Sarsaba.

Both Mr. Victor C. Madelozo Jr. and Gerald D. Tagalog, trainees from TESDA XI, impressed the judges with their technical acumen, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. They exhibited remarkable knowledge and expertise in mechatronics, resulting in their victory in the gold medal category. This achievement highlights the excellent instruction and training provided by TESDA Region XI.

Under the expert mentorship of Mr. Rhian Dhae B. Sarsaba, TESDA XI’s team showcased exceptional teamwork and technical expertise, setting a high standard for mechatronics skills in the competition. Mr. Sarsaba’s guidance played a crucial role in honing the skills of Mr. Madezo and Mr. Tagalog, enabling them to excel in the fiercely competitive arena of the Philippine National Skills Competition

TESDA Region XI’s focus on mechatronics and other emerging fields reflects the evolving landscape of industries and the increasing demand for a highly skilled workforce capable of adapting to technological advancements. The gold medal victory in mechatronics serves as a testament to TESDA XI’s commitment to providing cutting-edge training, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert mentors to trainees, equipping them to compete at the national level and beyond

The recognition and success of TESDA XI in mechatronics at the Philippine National Skills Competition also serves as an inspiration for other regions and aspiring skilled workers to strive for excellence in their respective fields. It highlights the significance of continuous skills development, dedication, and hard work in achieving success in the competitive arena of skills competitions

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