RTC-KPVTC Davao Hosts Absorptive Capacity Workshop, Sets Path for Productive Year

On Thursday, February 9, 2023, the RTC-KPVTC Davao hosted an Absorptive Capacity Workshop to determine the capacity of the Center to cater training scholarships and related activities from February to December 15, 2023. The workshop aimed to assess the Center’s ability to absorb and implement new programs and initiatives, bringing together all trainers/Diploma teachers of the training department, and the scholarship office to collaborate and come up with a comprehensive plan for the year.

The workshop took place in the Mini-Theater at the RTC-KPVTC Davao and was well-attended by the trainers/teachers and relevant stakeholders. During the workshop, participants engaged in activities and discussions to gather data and evaluate the Center’s current resources, infrastructure, and staffing. The purpose was to determine how much additional capacity could be added.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants developed a comprehensive plan to maximize the Center’s absorptive capacity. The plan included recommendations on optimizing existing resources and proposals for new programs and initiatives.

The Absorptive Capacity Workshop was a great success, with participants leaving feeling motivated to implement the plans they developed. With a comprehensive plan in place, the Center is poised to achieve its goals for the year and continue to provide top-notch training and education programs to its stakeholders.

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