RTC-KorPhil Joins PhilConstruct Mindanao Hybrid Edition, Showcases Mechatronics Servicing and HVAC Expertise

The much-anticipated PhilConstruct Mindanao Hybrid Edition opened its doors on September 08, 2023, at the SMX Convention Center in Lanang, Davao City. This year, the event saw the participation of the renowned RTC-KorPhil, Davao, a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in the fields of mechatronics servicing and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC). RTC-KorPhil’s impressive display at the event brought a new dimension to the construction industry by showcasing the importance of advanced technology in maintaining and enhancing building systems.

RTC-KorPhil, Davao is a renowned Training Center in Davao Region for its expertise in mechatronics servicing, a multidisciplinary field that combines mechanical and electronic engineering to create efficient and automated systems. At PhilConstruct Mindanao, RTC-KorPhil demonstrated the significance of mechatronics in construction and facility management.

The PhilConstruct Mindanao Hybrid Edition, which runs from September 7-9, 2023 at SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang, Davao City, featured various booths from exhibitors. For RTC-KorPhil, their booth featured state-of-the-art mechatronic systems designed to optimize various processes in the construction industry. From automated construction equipment to advanced monitoring and control systems, RTC-KorPhil’s solutions aimed to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity in construction projects.

One of the highlights was their live demonstration of a robotic concrete mixer. This innovative machine not only mixed concrete with precision but also adjusted its settings in real-time to ensure the ideal consistency and quality of the mixture. The robotic mixer significantly reduced the margin of error, leading to stronger and more durable structures.

RTC-KorPhil’s expertise in HVAC systems was also prominently on display at PhilConstruct Mindanao. Their booth showcased advanced heating, ventilating, and air conditioning solutions designed to provide optimal climate control and energy efficiency in buildings. With the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly HVAC systems, RTC-KorPhil showcases being at the forefront of offering green technologies.

RTC-KorPhil’s participation in PhilConstruct Mindanao Hybrid Edition underscored their commitment to sustainable construction practices. By promoting mechatronics servicing and advanced HVAC solutions, they aimed to help the construction industry embrace innovative technologies that reduce environmental impact while improving operational efficiency.

The event provided an ideal platform for networking and knowledge sharing, allowing RTC-KorPhil trainers and trainees to connect with construction professionals, architects, engineers, and facility managers. This exchange of ideas and expertise was essential in driving the industry toward a more sustainable and technology-driven future, especially in the area of TVET.

RTC-KorPhil’s presence at PhilConstruct Mindanao Hybrid Edition 2023 demonstrated their dedication to advancing construction practices in the Philippines. Through their expertise in mechatronics servicing and HVAC solutions, they showcased how integrating advanced technologies can lead to more efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable construction projects.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, TVET Training Centers like RTC-KorPhil, Davao play a pivotal role in shaping its future by introducing innovative solutions and raising awareness about the importance of mechatronics and HVAC systems in modern construction. Their participation in events like PhilConstruct Mindanao serves as an inspiration to others and underscores the Philippines’ commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking construction practices specifically anchored in TVET education and training.

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