RTC-KorPhil Conducts Ocular Inspection at Poblacion, Monkayo, Davao de Oro for President Ferdinand Marcos (BBM) Visitation

On September 13, 2023, the team from RTC-KorPhil, Davao embarked on a comprehensive ocular inspection of the Poblacion Area in Monkayo, Davao de Oro. The primary objective was to assess the readiness of the location for President BBM’s visitation with a specific focus on logistical and security arrangements.

In a remarkable display of preparation and coordination, RTC-KorPhil, Davao recently conducted an extensive ocular inspection on September 13, 2023, at Poblacion, Monkayo, Davao de Oro.

The purpose of this meticulous inspection was to ensure the seamless visitation of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. (commonly known as BBM) to the area. The inspection, led by RTC-KorPhil’s Center Administrator, Engr. Constantino B. Panes Jr., Ed.D., saw the active involvement of various key personnel, including Engr. Gerry Alcoser, the PTC (Provincial Training Center) Davao de Oro Center Administrator, and Mr. Mikko D. Rosell, RTC-KorPhil Trainer.

The impending visit of President BBM carries immense significance for Davao region and its development prospects. Such high-profile visits demand meticulous planning and execution to ensure the safety and success of the event. The responsibility of ensuring that everything proceeds flawlessly fell upon RTC-KorPhil, a renowned institution dedicated to skills development and vocational training

The ocular inspection conducted by RTC-KorPhil at Poblacion, Monkayo, Davao de Oro, stands as a testament to the commitment of this institution towards regional development and the successful execution of high-profile events. With President BBM’s visitation on the horizon, RTC-KorPhil’s role in the meticulous preparations are a promising sign of progress and prosperity for the people of Davao region as a whole. It demonstrates the power of collaboration between regional institutions, local authorities, and the community to ensure that such important events proceed without a hitch, and that the opportunities they bring are maximized for the betterment of the region.

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