RTC-KorPhil Davao’s DIT Department Develops Procurement and Inventory Management Systems (PIMS) for the Center

Before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission in Audit (COA) office assigned to TESDA XI recommended to RTC-KorPhil Davao’s administration that a Procurement and Inventory Management Systems (PIMS) will be developed to improve its system and operations. To this effect, the Center administration tapped its Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) department to facilitate such COA recommendation. However, due to the pandemic, the plan of implementing the project was thwarted to considerable length of time.

When the pandemic outbreak lowered and the DIT department produced its first graduates, the DIT department head, Mario dela Cerna then teamed-up three (3) selected fresh DIT graduates namely Dennis Requillo, Anijane Lopez and John Suello to develop said systems through the supervision of Mr. Rey Sanchez, their DIT Programming/Web Development Teacher.

As protocol, Mr. dela Cerna and Mr. Sanchez together with the team met with the Administrative department/Human Resource focal, Mr. Aenon Prince B. Alporte, CPA to figure out the most practical and effective way to produce the abovesaid systems that the Center can save without compromising the quality of the project. After coming up with the appropriate scheme, it was then presented to Engr. Constantino Panes, Jr (Center Administrator) for approval. Luckily, the administrator signed it and desired that the project will start immediately so that the duration of three (3) months will culminate the soonest time possible. The project then started in October, 2022 and was on Alpha testing in December, 2022.

On January 11, 2023, the project was subjected to BETA TESTING by relevant users to test and evaluate its functionality and efficiency.

The following targeted Beta Testers were identified:

•             Procurement office staff (end users) – represented by Diane Claire Felisilda, Jayniel Alce and      Michelle Verbal

•             BAC – represented by its chairperson, Mrs. Marilou Coloma

•             COA personnel – represented by Madam Lucia A. Pasion and Christian Michael Palisbo

•             Center Administration – represented by Johanna Rheasle P. Fernandez

The beta testing session was facilitated by Mr. Mario dela Cerna (DIT dept. Head), Mr. Rey Sanchez (DIT Programming/Web Development Teacher) and the newly graduated DIT Development Team members; Dennis Requillo, Anijane Lopez and John Suello.

After the beta testing and rectifications of the system, it will then be linked to the Online KorPhil Davao Integrated Systems (KIS version 3) as one of its integral sub-systems with secured Log-in system vis-à-vis to the roles of users.

The Center administration and the DIT department are planning to do more digitization vs digitalization of its operations in respond to TESDA’s drive to abreast with the trends of time in serving our clienteles.

As of this writing, the deployment of the PIMS program to the KorPhil Integrated Systems (KIS) administered by Mr. Sanchez is almost done. When it is completed, the DIT department will then conduct an orientation to all the Center’s faculty and staff on how they can log-in securely and use the system smoothly online.

Results of the evaluation shown that the developed Procurement and Inventory Management System is relevant and very helpful with few rectifications remarks. For the scale of 5 (Highest) to 1 (Lowest), its functionality got 4.9 or 98% while on its effectiveness got 4.5 or 90%. Mrs. Marilou Coloma, the BAC Chairperson commented that even though that this new digital system can really help to improve and speed-up the operations of the procurement office, the concerned procurement staff can still cause delays if they do not run the system accordingly and don’t do their part aptly hence, they should do their best to maximize the system.

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