RTC-Korphil’s Continued Commitment to Green TVET: Empowering Trainees Towards a Sustainable Future

RTC-KorPhil, Davao has long been dedicated to providing high-quality vocational training while ensuring its programs align with green TVET principles. Green TVET, or Green Technical and Vocational Education and Training, is a holistic approach to education that emphasizes sustainability, environmental consciousness, and eco-friendly practices in vocational training programs. The continued compliance
of RTC-KorPhil to Green TVET principles is commendable, as it not only prepares trainees for promising careers but also instills in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility

On September 4, 2023, trainees of the Regional Training Center-Korea Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC), Davao participated in the campus-wide5S and Green TVET initiative of the Training Center. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the Training Center in order to provide a more conducive place for TVET training.

Furthermore, the campus boasts lush greenery and gardens, providing trainees with a serene and eco-conscious learning environment. The presence of green spaces not only improves air quality but also serves as living laboratories for horticulture and landscaping students

RTC-KorPhil’s continued compliance with Green TVET principles is a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering trainees toward a sustainable future. By integrating environmentally-friendly practices into its infrastructure, curriculum, and collaborations, RTC-KorPhil sets a shining example for other TVET institutions to follow.

As the world grapples with pressing environmental issues, institutions like RTCKorPhil play a crucial role in shaping a workforce that not only meets industry demands but also actively contributes to a greener and more sustainable planet. RTC-KorPhil’s dedication to green TVET serves as an inspiration, reminding us all that education can be a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world.

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