COC 1 Free Training on Raise Organic Chicken Culminates at Villar Foundation Farm School

On Saturday, September 2, 2023, COC 1 Free Training on Raise Organic Chicken officially culminated at Villar Foundation Farm School, Davao.

Through this culmination, trainees were able to showcase the learnings that they were able to acquire through actual demonstration and oral questioning. Specifically, they learned about raising organic chicken mainly how to select good and bad stocks, the various chicken breeds globally, the classification of eggs, brooding and housing requirements, culling organic chicken, the formulation of organic chicken feed using organic raw materials, and organic remedies for common illnesses of chicken.

The partnership between TESDA RTC-KPVTC, Davao, and Villar Foundation Farm School continues to foster excellence in organic agriculture and enrich the learning experience for trainees.

After this free training on COC 1: Raise Organic Chicken, trainees will then proceed with the free training on COC 3: Produce Organic Fertilizers. This is part of the catch-up training implementation of RTC-KPVTC, Davao under the Diploma in Agricultural and Biosystems and Engineering Technology (DABET).

The collaboration between OAP NC II Trainers from the Regional Training Center – Korea Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC) in Davao and the Villar Foundation Farm School (then Villar SIPAG Farm School), Davao, marks a significant step in promoting sustainable and organic agriculture practices in the region. This collaborative initiative reflects the shared dedication of both institutions to contribute to the growth and development of sustainable agriculture, nurturing environmentally-conscious and skilled farmers in the region.

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