GMA Regional TV Network, TESDA RTC-KorPhil Join Hands in Providing Livelihood Skills Training

Empowering communities through knowledge and skills, TESDA RTC-KPVTC, Davao has joined forces with GMA Network’s “Kapuso Barangayan” Program to conduct a transformative Livelihood Skills Training on Powder Detergent Making today, August 11, 2023 at Brgy. Bunawan Gym in Davao City. 

The bustling Brgy. Bunawan Gym set the stage for an empowering day of learning as Ms. Mary Grace A. Pelayo, trainer from TESDA RTC-KPVTC, Davao, led the demonstration on Powder Detergent Making. Participants had the opportunity to observe and engage in a return demonstration, acquiring valuable insights and hands-on experience in the process. This interactive approach ensures that attendees not only comprehend the techniques but also gain the practical expertise necessary to engage in detergent powder making in their respective homes and communities.

This partnership between TESDA RTC-KPVTC, Davao and GMA Regional TVE Network provides accessible skills training to communities as outreach efforts encompasses not only services such as grocery packages and health services to the people but also contributes to the enhancement of livelihood opportunities within the community. 

Moreover, this initiative is an integral part of GMA Network’s Kapuso Barangayan Program, which seeks to extend essential services and support to various barangays in Davao City. By offering Livelihood Skills Training on Powder Detergent Making, GMA Network aims to empower community members with the means to generate income through a practical and accessible avenue.

The collaboration between TESDA RTC-KPVTC, Davao, and GMA Network’s Kapuso Barangayan Program exemplifies the impactful synergy between education, specifically TVET skills training, and community outreach. Through practical skills training, participants not only gain the tools for self-sufficiency but also contribute to the economic resilience of their communities.

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