Diploma In Information Technology Conducts Seminar on Digital Creative Writing

On May 31, 2022, the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) conducted a seminar on Digital Creative Writing initiated by Mr. Mario Dela Cerna, DIT Head Trainer and SMAC Focal, in collaboration with the Training Center’s Industry Partner, Mr. Maximo V. Ginez III. Together with Mr. Ginez are the renowned resource speakers, Mr. Rick B. Campos and Mr. Marlou B. Vales, Ph.D. The event was attended by DIT trainees and SMAC members at the Training Center’s Mini-Theater.

The first speaker was Mr. Rick B. Campos. He shared his experiences on digital creative writing. According to him, an effective storyteller has the following characteristics: authenticity, ability to understand the story, and skill to connect to the audience. The second speaker, Mr. Marlou B. Vales, Ph.D. imparted a brief background on psychology and his passion on events management. The seminar ended with a forum.

The purpose of the seminar is to equip the DIT trainees and SMAC team with the skills needed in digital creative writing.

This will give a view for the DIT trainees and SMAC members of what are the effects of digital teaching on reconstructing creative writing skills. Moreover, it opens for improvement in creativity and writing skills after accepting digital technology in the society. According to the resource speaker, creativity and writing skills are the most required elements for creative writing.

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