Trainers’ Training Program on Backyard Tilapia Production

In the interest of service and in line with the staff development program, the Technical Education Skills and Development (TESDA) XI invited speakers from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – XI, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and Davao MarinaTuna Corporation to conduct a training on Backyard Tilapia Production on selected TESDA officials and personnel. The selected TESDA officials and personnel are authorized and required to attend the Trainers’ Training Program on Backyard Tilapia Production held at Regional Training Center – Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center, Davao.

Engr. Lorenzo G. Macapili, DTE – Regional Director, TESDA XI welcomed the participants of the said event.

Trainers were trained on Food Safety that was discussed by the Food Safety Program Project Assistant – Ms. Elizabeth Marie Z. Velasco, Ms. Dorothy Joy M Candilas – Science Research Specialist II, and Mr. Jowin Jeeh S. Coscos – Project Staff from DOST XI.

The training on Culture Management of Tilapia was shared by Ms. Maricel P. Antiga, Senior Aquaculturist, Head – TOS Nabunturan, Ms. Fritz Juls A. Fuentes, Administrative Assistant II, CFO Technical Staff, Mr. Nathaniel I. Peregrino, Project Evaluation Assistant, CFO Technical Staff of BFAR XI. In the said part of the training, General Biology of Tilapia, Pond-Based Culture of Tilapia, and Fingerling Stocking were discussed by the speakers from BFAR XI.

Installation of Backyard Tilapia Trapond (Trapal Pond) was discussed by Mr. Domingo Ang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Davao MarinaTuna Corporation and Mr. Jonald V. Rosal, President – Rosal Feeds and Aquaculture Supply and Unicool Fresh Produce Corporation. Feeding management for tilapia, site selection, and possible diseases that might affect the tilapia mortality were also included in the discussion.

The Trainers’ Training Program on Backyard Tilapia Production has officially ended on June 15, 2022 with the presence of Secretary Isidro S. Lapeña, Ph.D., CSEE. The twenty-seven (27) selected TESDA officials and personnel successfully received a certificate of training for this training endeavor.

Tilapia is the second most important freshwater food in the Philippines. Tilapia grows very fast and reaches marketable weight of at least 200 grams in less than six months. A backyard fishpond for tilapia will increase family income because it is a good quality food suitable for processing into either dried, smoked, or salted dried products.

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