The RTC-KorPhil Davao YEPA 2022

With full of joy, the RTC-KorPhil Davao people gathered at the Holiday Ocean View Resort, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte last December 21-22, 2022 to conduct the Center’s Year-End Performance Assessment (YEPA) considering that the overall performance output of RTC-KorPhil Davao reached about 99% (with ongoing activities until the end of December 2022 to add the output rate).

The Center’s YEPA this year was officially opened by Mr. Gil Gonzales, Supervising TESDS with an impulse message to KorPhilians to sustain the commendable performance and thresh-out those undesirable practices that dragged down some laudable efforts of others and missed out some opportunities of the Center to shine. He wished that until his retirement next year, he is hoping that the  performance of the Center will not falter.

Mr. Jestony Mark Aprong, the Scholarship Focal then followed and presented his monitored matrix of allotted scholarships (all modes) for the Center from their dates of release to the implementation with the Training Department. He explained that the lowest part in the UAQTEA scholarship implementation was on the batch of Diploma program where the COVID 19 pandemic was at its peak nevertheless recovered when the havoc of the pandemic weakened. Along with his presentation, Mr. Aprong made an analysis and pointed-out what to enforce and hinted some strategies to anticipate downsides in the next round of scholarship allocations next year.

The report of Head of the Training Department then followed. Mrs. Marilou Coloma presented the outputs of each department (in 9 trade areas) in all modes. She emphasized the great help of the “Catch-Up Plan” in attaining the goals of the training department this year especially to the priority trade areas to which the Central Office flowed high number of scholarship grants. Mrs. Coloma also thanked the trainers behind the Center scholarship (Free training fee but NO allowance) implementations especially those which were conducted in the communities.

Report of the Competency Assessment and Certification Focal, Mrs. Perla Ojeda came next. Partially the report of the existing records from their office was presented as the competency assessments of RTC-KorPhil’s students still going on including of those walk-in candidates.

The report of the Head of the Administrative Department, Aenon Prince Alporte, CPA completed the rundown of presentations for the Center’s performance this year. Although the report may not be the final one as the processes of Finance and Administrative matters are still going-on, to-date report was rendered by Mr. Alporte. He said that the appropriations and collections against the training cost and other needs of the Center is just in the sense of balance that runs around 90 Million pesos.

It is also timely that the arrival of the new Korean Overseas Volunteer, Mr. Choi Gyongsik from his orientation-training in KOICA Philippine Office in Manila coincided the YEPA activity. Despite he arrived late, he attended even rendered a Korean song during the event.

To spice-up the occasion, a live band energized the affair so much so that one of the trainers, Mikko Rosell sang with the band making other participants to dance with their reggae music.

As part of the program, four groups consist of the different trade areas and offices of the Center competed on a TikTok Dance contest. This challenge exempted no one; young and old, officials or rank and file really danced with their assigned groups. Hence, dynamic but hilarious presentations added colors to the occasion.

After the awarding of the winners, the program was inspired and closed by the Center Administrator, Engr. Constantino Panes, Jr. Ed.D. with a short presentation on his official benchmarking travel in Florida, USA (for Community College) and Austria (for World Skills Competition) together with selected TESDA Officials from different regions in the Philippines. 

Mabuhay RTC-KorPhil Davao! Aja!

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