TESDA KorPhil, Davao Mobilizes Personnel and Students for Green TVET Activity

In accordance with TESDA KorPhil, Davao Memorandum No. 337 s. 2024 for the Green TVET Activity, all personnel and students were mobilized to actively participate in a two-hour endeavor on April 22, 2024, from 8-10 a.m.

This effort was launched in preparation for the Training Center’s upcoming benchmarking activities and aims to improve the cleanliness, beautification, and greenery of each diploma program’s designated areas.

The Green TVET Activity showcases TESDA KorPhil, Davao’s commitment to environmental conservation and involvement with the community. The Training Center aims to cultivate a sense of environmental responsibility and ownership among its stakeholders by involving both staff and students in cleaning, beautifying, and greening projects. By implementing these efforts, TESDA KorPhil, Davao not only enhances its surroundings but also fosters a culture of environmental responsibility throughout its community. 

As the Training Center continues to prioritize sustainable practices and environmental awareness, initiatives like as the Green TVET Activity are essential components of its larger aim to encourage holistic development and social responsibility among its staff and students. 

By collaborating to create cleaner, greener, and more beautiful areas, TESDA KorPhil, Davao demonstrates its commitment to creating a better and more sustainable future for everybody. 

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