Site Inspection for Tilapia Production Training at Brgy. Tapak, Paquibato District

On Friday, February 17, 2023, a site inspection for Tilapia Production Training was conducted in Brgy. Tapak, Paquibato District. Engr. Lougino Miguel, (an RTC-KorPhil trainer of this field) together with TESD Specialist II Nelson Embat (from KorPhil) and TESD Specialist II Jimark Tortor (from TESDA Provincial Office – Davao City District Office), visited the site to assess the feasibility of conducting the training in the said area.

The team talked with the Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Tapak, Hon. Rolly G. Lantawan, to gather more information about the community, the viability and the benefits of the proposed training to the residents of this remote barangay. The team appreciated the joint initiatives of TESDA and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Davao City in the initialization of this program.

Tilapia production is a promising livelihood opportunity in the area, to which the community is eager to learn the techniques and skills needed to succeed in this industry. When this training be launched, this will provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude in putting-up and manage a tilapia farm, including the know-how on pond preparation, fish culture, harvest, and post-harvest processing.

During the site inspection, Engr. Lougino Miguel and the TESD specialists assessed the available resources and infrastructure in the area. They looked into the suitability of the location for tilapia production and identified potential challenges that may arise during the training.

After the site inspection, Engr. Lougino Miguel and his team presented their findings and recommendations to the LGU and to the community. They discussed the requirements needed to conduct the training and the possible timelines for its implementation.

The site inspection was a crucial step in the planning and preparation for the Tilapia Production Training. It allowed the trainers and the LGU to assess the feasibility of the training in the area and identify the necessary resources and support needed to make it a success.

With the commitment of the LGU and the enthusiasm of the community, the Tilapia Production Training is expected to provide a promising livelihood opportunity for the people of Brgy. Tapak, Paquibato District. The inspection is a testament of the dedication and efforts of TESDA and the LGU to empower communities and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their lives.

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