RTC-KPVTC Davao Raises Awareness on Cardiovascular Health

In line with the observance of National Heart Month and as part of its Gender and Development Program, the Regional Training Center – Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC) Davao organized an Awareness Seminar on Cardiovascular Diseases and Related Illnesses. The event, held on February 26, 2024, took place at the RTC-KPVTC Davao Mini Theater, and saw the participation of all personnel of the institution, along with interested trainees.

The seminar aimed to shed light on the importance of cardiovascular health and to provide insights into preventing and managing related illnesses. Mr. Elmer A. Verano, RN, in collaboration with Ms. Vanessa Gienne Flores, RND, served as the speakers for the occasion.

Mr. Verano delved into the intricacies of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer, emphasizing key risk factors, symptoms, and preventive measures. His comprehensive presentation provided attendees with valuable knowledge on recognizing warning signs and adopting lifestyle choices conducive to heart health.

On the other hand, Ms. Flores focused on Diet and Proper Nutrition, highlighting the crucial role of diet in maintaining cardiovascular wellness. Through practical tips and dietary recommendations, she underscored the significance of making informed food choices to support overall health and well-being.

The seminar was made possible through the proactive initiative of RTC-KPVTC Davao’s Gender and Development (GAD) Focal, in collaboration with the Bunawan District City Health Office. By fostering partnerships and prioritizing community health initiatives, RTC-KPVTC Davao continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting holistic well-being among its stakeholders.

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