RTC-KPVTC Davao: Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future

To emphasize the importance of environmental consciousness, the Regional Training Center – Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC) has issued Memorandum No. 389 series of 2023 titled “2-Day Green TVET Activity.” In line with the concept of Green TVET, this memorandum serves as a directive to all faculty, staff, and trainees of the Training Center to actively engage in various activities and initiatives that promote environmental awareness and sustainability. By encouraging their active participation, RTC-KPVTC aims to foster a culture of environmental consciousness within the training community and contribute to the preservation of the natural resources and ecosystems

In a remarkable demonstration of their commitment to environmental sustainability, the Regional Training Center – Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC) Davao spearheaded a transformative two-day clean-up drive in observance of Green TVET. The initiative, held on July 6-7, 2023, saw the enthusiastic participation of all personnel, staff, and trainees of the Training Center, as they diligently worked together to clean their workstations and premises.

The clean-up drive showcased the Training Center’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and its proactive efforts to promote sustainable practices. With a united front, the participants took up the task of tidying their respective areas, demonstrating a shared sense of responsibility and camaraderie in the pursuit of a cleaner and greener environment.

Through this momentous event, RTC-KPVTC Davao aimed to underscore the profound impact that individuals can have when they unite for a common cause. The clean-up drive not only served as a powerful reminder of the importance of collective action in safeguarding the environment but also highlighted the Training Center’s commitment to leading by example.

The Green TVET initiative, which focuses on integrating environmental consciousness into technical vocational education and training, aligns perfectly with RTC-KPVTC Davao’s mission to produce skilled individuals who not only excel in their respective fields but also exhibit a deep sense of environmental responsibility.

By actively participating in initiatives like Green TVET, RTC-KPVTC Davao strives to inspire and encourage others to embrace sustainable practices in their daily lives. This two-day clean-up drive serves as a testament to the Training Center’s unwavering dedication to shaping a greener future for all.

As the clean-up drive concluded, RTC-KPVTC Davao remains committed to further promoting environmental awareness and sustainability among its stakeholders. With their inspiring actions, they aim to ignite a ripple effect of positive change, inspiring individuals and institutions to join the cause and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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