RTC-KorPhil Davao gathers employees for weekly meeting

Short after the Regional Convocation, the TESDA RTC-KorPhil Davao convened its employees for the weekly meeting on January 22, 2024 at the Theater Hall, Administration Building, RTC-KorPhil, Buhisan, Tibungco, Davao City.

          Lead by the Training Department Head and current OIC of the Center, Mr. Mario dela Cerna, MTE coursed the discussion focusing on the training matters and calendar of activities of the Center. OIC Dela Cerna have engaged head trainers from the various trade areas to exchange words and suggestions on the upcoming recruitment of 3-year Diploma of Technology trainees.

          In the meeting, Scholarship Focal Mr. Mark Jestony Aprong also shared that Diploma Batch 6 (1st year, 2nd semester) and Batch 4 (3rd year, 2nd semester) trainees will end their semester training on May 17, 2024 after starting last January 8, 2024. Batch 6 will progress into 2nd year, 1st semester and will enroll together with the Batch 7 (upcoming 1st year, 1st semester) for the next semester on August 14 to December 15, 2024.

          Batch 5 or the current 2nd year, 1st semester will end its semester on March 17, 2024 with its training that started on October 9, 2023.

          For the recruitment of the Batch 7, the Center will exhaust options and strategies to admit another 25 trainees each for the 9 Diploma Programs that will total to 225 new scholars of the Universal Access to Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA). To realize this enrollment, it was deduced in the meeting that one of the options is with the Guidance Office of the Center to conduct Career Talks in Secondary Schools to promote the diploma scholarship slots for the Senior High graduates or graduating class.

          Aside from training matters, OIC Dela Cerna bared words to rally the employees and the trainees in the continuing implementation of 5S and maintenance of the various trade areas as the Center will welcome visitors and leaders in the coming days and weeks.

          Also, as the Center gears up for the new year, initial plans for the conduct of strategic planning are pushed to set targets and commitments of the Center for 2024. OIC dela Cerna started solicited matters to be discussed and to be included in the planning.

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