Oath-Taking Ceremony Marks New Era for RTC-KPVTC, Davao Student Council SY 2023-2024

The ceremony of taking the oath is highly significant as it formalizes the obligations and responsibilities of the newly elected Student Council officials. The officials take an oath during this event to diligently carry out their responsibilities in accordance with RTC-KPVTC laws and regulations. This action demonstrates their commitment to advancing student welfare, establishing a positive learning environment, and championing the interests and rights of their fellow students.

            The ceremony of taking the oath is rich in symbolism and expresses the goals and ideals of the Student Council. It emphasizes the continuity of purpose and common goal by symbolizing the transfer of power and responsibility from the departing officials to the newly elected representatives. The ceremony also represents the respect and confidence that the institution, faculty, and other students have in the new officials.

            Between students and the administration, the Student Council serves as the voice of the student body. Its main responsibilities are to represent the interests of students, offer a forum for student interaction, and spearhead initiatives that improve the learning environment as a whole. The Student Council plays a critical role in determining the policies and programs that have an influence on the student community by actively participating in decision-making processes.

            The RTC-KPVTC Oath-Taking Ceremony is a significant event that marks the start of a new chapter for the Student Council. It’s a time for joy, introspection, and reaffirmed dedication to the betterment of the student body. The newly elected officials take on their positions carrying the dreams and hopes of their colleagues, working relentlessly to make a difference and support the expansion and development of RTC-KPVTC, Davao.

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