Closing Ceremony for Organic Agriculture Production NC II At Villar Sipag Farm School, Davao

RTC-KorPhil, Davao in partnership with Villar Sipag Farm School, Davao held its closing ceremony for Organic Agriculture Production NC II (Batch 1) and COC 4 Produce Organic Concoctions and Extracts leading to OAP NC II (Batch 2) last Saturday afternoon, February 25, 2023, at Villar Sipag Farm School, Davao, Brgy. Communal, Davao City. 

A total of twenty (20) trainees from Batch 1 and twenty-five (25) trainees from Batch 2 were awarded with their Certificate of Training for OAP NC II and COC 4 leading to OAP NC II, respectively. 

The event was graced by the Center Administrator of RTC-KorPhil, Davao, Engr. Constantino B. Panes, Jr. Ed. D., former in-charge of Villar Sipag Farm School, Mr. Lloyd N. Legal, and the present in-charge of the farm school, Engr. Michelle Savillo. The event was also attended by OAP NC II trainers, namely, Ms. Mary Grace A. Pelayo and Engr. Ailyn B. Rodriguez-Tejero. 

Engr. Panes committed to further advance RTC-KorPhil’s partnership with Villar Sipag Farm School and Brgy. Communal. In response to this, Mr. Legal in his speech expressed his gratitude to TESDA and to RTC-KorPhil for the continued support and collaboration with the farm school. He also emphasized to the graduates Sen. Cynthia Villar’s motto of “practicing what is learned and sharing these learnings with others”. 

Villar Sipag Farm School, Davao is among the four (4) farm schools established by Sen. Cynthia Villar and among the key industry partners of TESDA RTC-KorPhil, Davao for agriculture-related qualifications. 

Photo Courtesy of Engr. Ailyn B. Rodriguez-Tejero

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