Air Prosystems, Inc. inaugurates opening of DTS Training Center

Air Prosystems, Inc. has now opened its newly-constructed Dual Training System (DTS) training center, on June 26, 2024, in RBDB & Sons Building, Bacaca Road, Davao City. They are the very first and only partner industry implementer of the DTS program, and was also a long-time partner in the implementation of the Supervised Industry Learning of the Regional Training Center – Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC-KPVTC) Davao.

Present in the event are the employees of Air Prosystems, Inc., headed by their CEO, Mr. Benito Ramon D. Battung, as well is the delegation of the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer, Daikin, headed by Daikin Philippines President Mr. Takayoshi Miki. Also present in the event are the delegates from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), headed my Ms. Myrna Roa, Acting District Director of TESDA Davao City District Office (DCDO) and Mr. Mario M. Dela Cerna, Training Department Head of RTC-KPVTC Davao. The Industry Focal Persons of TESDA DCDO, Ms. Kli Requillo, and RTC-KPVTC Davao, Mr. Joie Vincent R. Dagohoy, were in the event as well.

Mr. Mario M. Dela Cerna, Training Department Head of RTC-KPVTC Davao, giving his message of congratulations to Air Prosystems, Inc.

This opening of the DTS training center, combined with technologies from Daikin, allows the Air Prosystems, Inc. to implement trainings that are both in line with TESDA programs (e.g. Commercial Airconditioning NC III) and with the latest technologies in the air conditioning industry today. The trainees, from TESDA or from their employees, or even from any place and background, will be really fortunate to experience wholistic and up-to-date training in their training center.

TESDA with a heart pose by all who attended the inauguration program of Air Prosystems, Inc.
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