6S Competitions Conducted at RTC-KPVTC, Davao

RTC-KPVTC, Davao under the Innovation, Research and Green TVET Team conducted the 6S Competitions for the 1st Semester of 2024 on June 28, 2024. The opening meeting for the team and judges was in the APACC Room at 9 in the morning.

 Judges for the administrative offices and dormitory were Engr. Lougino A. Miguel, Engr. Vincent T. Vasquez, and Ms. Loury Ann B. Orbeso whereas the judges for the trade areas and facilities were Ms. Johanna Rheasle P. Fernandez, Ms. Mary Grace L. Sijuela, and Ms. Alanah Tamarah N. Millan.

The evaluation was conducted per area. The following four (4) areas were assessed: Workshop/Trade Area: Area 1, Offices/Sections: Area 2, Dormitory: Area 3, and Facilities/Services: Area 4. In total, 20 groups were classified as workshop or trade areas, 7 groups were classified as heavy document traffic areas, 6 groups were classified as light document traffic areas, 3 groups were classified as dormitories and 2 groups were classified as facilities.

The 6S competitions are scored using a five-point system, with zero representing no effort and five representing the best practice. No endeavor indicates that no action has been taken to adopt 6S, while best practice indicates that the area demonstrates world-class 6S implementation and best practice, with a comprehensive integration of safety measures.

This move from 5S to 6S is vital to ensure organizational efficiency, employee well-being, and safety. 6S “Safety” underscores the necessity of safeguarding employees and learners from hazards and accidents, while 5S establishes a systematic structure and cleanliness. Safety measures are implemented in all aspects of RTC-KPVTC’s operations to prevent workplace and trade area accidents, as well as to promote proactive risk management and the well-being of trainers and trainees.

By transitioning to 6S, the Training Center demonstrates its dedication to the health and safety of workers and trainees, as well as productivity and quality. This upgrade establishes a more resilient and sustainable Training Center.

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