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Pursuant to Executive Order No. 83 Series of 2012 also known as the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF), the Center is now piloting 3-Year Diploma programs in Level 5 category (based on PQF 8-Level Descriptors) considering RTC-KorPhil Davao as the Center of Excellence for TVET in Mindanao.


Courses designed to accommodate workers, for life-long training, and for those who did not avail the 3-Year Diploma programs. Qualifications (courses with TESDA Training Regulations or TR) in diploma programs are also offered individually in separate schedules.


In cooperation with Community Leaders (like political, church, or organization leaders) skills trainings are brought to the community to reach out the grassroots. Venues and schedules are depending on the stipulations in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Center & the sponsoring partner.


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Frequently Asked Questions' Answers

  • How to Enroll?
         1. Inquire at the Registrar Office's or Training Department Office.
         2. Secure and fill up the NMIS Form.
         3. Proceed to the respective Trade Area Trainer for interview.
         4. Proceed to registrar's Office for the issuance of Order of Payment.
         5. Proceed to Cashier for Payment of Fees.
         6. Secure Admission Slip at the Registrar's Office

  • What is the Payment Process?
         1. Inquire at the Registrar's Office.
         2. Secure and fill up a Trainee's Profile Form from the Registrar's Office.
         3. Secure an Order of Payment from the Registrar's Office
         4. Proceed to the CASHIER for Payment of Fees. (Please pay the exact amount to the Cashier only)
         5. Secure Admission Slip at the Registrar's Office.

  • How to Avail Scholarships?
         1. Scholarships from local government regularly facilitated by a liason officer or coordinator.
         2. Recruitment of TWSP scholars channeled to the Center from TESDA Provincial Offices will be facilitated by RTC KorPhil Davao.
         3. All scholarship enrolled in Diploma or 1-year program will undergo interview and other requirements along with walk-in enrolees.
         4. Center scholars will be selected / determined by Head Trainers of the different Trade Areas and the Admin Dept Head.

  • What is the Assessment Process?
         1. An applicant can secure form and list of requirements for assessment from any TESDA Offices or TESDA Assessment Centers.
         2. He/she shall submit the duly accomplished application form, Self Assessment Guide, two (2) passport size pictures with name at the back and all the requirements to the TESDA Assessment Center.
         3. The TESDA Prov'l Office via TESDA Assessment Center shall process the application and inform applicant and of his/her assessment schedule.
         NOTE: Our assessment center is located at the ground floor of the administration building.

  • How to Claim Certificates?
         1. Secure Clearance after training
         2. Submit Clearance to the Registrars Office
         3. Inquire for your Certificate, a week after you submitted your Clearance
         4. Claim your Certificate

         Nothing follows

  • assessment centers

    qualification and nc level

    Animation NC II
    2D Animation NC III
    Automotive Servicing NC I
    Automotive Servicing NC II
    Bartending NC II
    Bread and Pastry Production NC II
    Carpentry NC II
    CNC Lathe Machine Operation NC II
    CNC Milling Machine Operation NC II
    Construction Painting NC II
    Cookery NC II
    Driving NC II
    Driving NC III

    qualification and nc level

    Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II
    Food and Beverage Services NC II
    Food Processing NC II
    HEO - Forklift NC II
    Housekeeping NC II
    Machining NC I
    Machining NC II
    Masonry NC II

    Mechatronics Servicing NC II
    Mechatronics Servicing NC III

    qualification and nc level

    Motorcycle / Small Engine Servicing NC II
    Pipefitting NC II
    Plumbing NC II
    RAC Servicing ( DOMRAC ) NC II
    RAC Servicing ( PACU/CRE ) NC III
    Rice Machinery Operation NC II
    Scaffold Erection NC II
    Tile Setting NC II
    Trainer's Methdology Level 1
    Visual Graphics Design NC III

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